IT Services and Technology Acquisitions

Strengthening and Expanding Opportunities

Our strategy is to focus on consistent organic growth boosted by acquisitions that bring genuine value to our Group through new intellectual assets, technical and managerial talent, technical innovation and an extended geographic footprint.

Synergies are catalyst for acquisition
When companies merge the whole is often greater than the sum of its parts. We look at companies who enhance the Group, leverage our capabilities and can benefit from our Group functions and business insights. The goal is to accelerate growth in the acquired company, whilst simultaneously enhancing their value proposition.
Adjacent industries and greater geographic footprint
MTG not only looks towards technologies companies for acquisition, but also those from related or adjacent industries. Technology is a disruptive force in every vertical, not just IT. We are also focused on expansion beyond our borders, particularly where we gain access to new, exciting markets.
Complimentary or related activities
Acquisition drives growth through increased market share, economies of scale, and marketing clout. This is particularly relevant when the business compliments or enhances the overall Group proposition.
Opportunities for growth
Opportunities arise from operational effectiveness, shared resource, volume discounts in purchasing, and reduced overheads.

Key Benefits

Accelerated growth
Increase global reach
Operational effectiveness and enhanced value proposition
Centralise key business activities such as customer services and marketing
Access to the new markets

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