Database and Data Analytics Services - SQL, AWS, Google Cloud and NoSQL

Clever data solutions specific to your needs

Data analytics is all about turning the data in your business into an asset to help you gain insights into your customers and business processes.

MTG can help you to use your data in a number of ways such as creating the right data flows between different systems, visualise it in new ways, work with large distributed sets using new tools, or build cloud engines that can mine faster. We can help you find the signals amongst the noise and turn them into accurate indicators and KPI’s.

MTG can help you understand the value that may exist in your data and enable you to see your business processes differently.
Hiding within your data is information you may not previously have understood to be of value. However, looking at data in different ways, visualising the data, can often hightlight patterns that would have been impossible to have seen otherwise.
MTG use public cloud services that allow us to build scalable solutions that have the power to handle the most difficult data mining and analytics challenges.


Improve operational efficiency, monitor and predict performance with targeted KPI’s
Use predicative analytics to improve capacity and help plan for emergency events
Evaluate events in real-time to reduce churn and detect illegal activity
Provide tailored shopping experiences based on consumer demographic and tracking information

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