Bespoke software and application development services

What we do

MTG design, develop and support a range of bespoke of applications for organisations of every size. Bespoke software is an excellent tool to improve efficiencies, make your business more productive and deliver competitive advantage. Our software developers can build applications using a range of technologies that are designed to meet the precise needs of your organisation.

In all cases, a well designed custom development application that is aligned to your business, will deliver value and a genuine ROI. The goal of bespoke software or mobile apps is to deliver real, measurable value to your business, by reducing costs, improving retention or driving up revenues.


Automation can automate mundane or time-consuming tasks, freeing your staff up to do more productive work. Complex manual processes or workflows can be analysed and automated through the use of software and digital workflows. We have successfully introduced automation into financial services, customer services, marketing, billing and provisioning environments. Automation is particularly powerful when automating across systems and business units, whether on-premise, or using cloud or SaaS environments.


Integration links together multiple business systems and simplifies work flows. With a single pane of glass view, an integrated system can provide a comprehensive view of data or processes, and it can make complex, multi-system processes seamless. Through the use of APIs and databases, our team can integrate systems in a seamless manner – this is particularly useful when your business has selected a best in breed system for accounts and needs it to work with your existing back-office systems.


With a growing mobile workforce, more and more businesses need to embrace mobilisation but they struggle to mobilise their data and processes. Security and privacy of data is a concern, particularly with the challenges of cyber-security and GDPR. Notwithstanding the issues of security, many businesses operate legacy systems that are not mobile-enabled. We can develop or extend applications to make them mobile ready, whether through the use of apps or mobile websites. Our team can also optimise the interface and UX to make your remote workers more efficient.


Desktop Software Development
MTG has created a wide range of desktop software for clients in a wide range of industries including line of business applications, reporting solutions and monitoring tools. We work closely with our clients to ensure we understand their requirements and expected outcome – to ensure we maximise the value for their business.
Web Development
Web application development is a core strength of MTG. Our development team has produced a diverse range of applications, using a broad range of technologies including .NET, MVC, PHP and Node.js. Alongside the languages and development methodologies, our team specialise in the design and development of highly scalable cloud based applications built in Amazon AWS or Google Cloud.

Our project experience includes large-scale IoT solutions built in AWS, secure document systems for the insurance industry, high volume CMS solutions and secure reporting platforms. With a considerate, forward looking approach to development – mobile compatibility, security and performance are key considerations in all our development projects.

Legacy Systems Enhancement
Many organizations still use old but business critical software applications often based on proprietary technology that may no longer be supported. The criticality of these systems makes it difficult for companies to move over to newer solutions, while the existing systems become more and more tedious to maintain, customise and integrate with 3rd platform solutions. MTG can transform your legacy applications through leveraging cloud, service oriented architecture, container architectures, data warehousing, business intelligence and agile development methodologies to make them user-friendly, manageable and up-to-date.

More Information

Amazon web services
Microsoft Net
Google Cloud Platform

Applications to drive your business

Our skilled business analysts, developers and designers work alongside you to understand the needs of your business and build apps that integrate with your daily operations. This extends to databases, reporting; desktop, mobile and web apps.

C# / VB.Net
Microsoft SQL Server / MySQL / PostGreSQL
MongoDB / Redis
Node.js / Angular / Bootstrap / Javascript
PowerFlex / DataFlex / Progress4GL
VoiceXML / IoT / CoAPP / MQTT

Key Benefits

Custom software differentiates you from the competition
Business Intelligence
Access business-know that can aide decision making
Ease of user
Bespoke software is easy to use, designed as you need it
Automate Repetitive Tasks
Increase productivity by automating repetitive tasks.
Link and integrate existing applications and systems
Software can be rapidly adapted and enhanced to suit your needs

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