Contract based, part-time and flexible IT and technical resource

Benefits of flexible resourcing

If you have short-term or medium-term requirement for additional IT staff or consultants, flexible resourcing can deliver the optimum balance between having trained staff available, whilst minimising overall recruitment or staffing costs. MTG can supply a range of staff, on short or medium term contracts, to suit the demands of your business.

Our Approach

Our consultants can work from your own business locations or remotely, depending on the needs of your business. We have worked with clients on multi-year projects where the engagements can be remote, part-time or full-time. We recognise that flexibility and value are key attributes from any flexible resourcing engagement, and this is something reflected in our service offering.

Flexible Resourcing

Typical Engagements

MTG consultants are often used because of their considerable expertise, experience and knowledge, which can bolster your existing operations and simultaneously facilitate knowledge transfer. MTG also has a considerable pool of operational staff, that can undertake roles on helpdesk, desktop support and similar engagements.

MTG has an expert pool of resource available for clients who have a requirement for flexible resource. Our consultant network includes:

Business Analysts
IT Service Desk Operatives
Project Managers
Software Testers
Technical Consultants

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More Information

Key benefits to flexible resourcing …

Fast, reliable and strategic resourcing of staff
No impact on permanent headcount
Leverage a variable cost model over fixed costs
Access to a wider talent pool of specialist staff including project, technical, software and service delivery skills
Accommodate seasonal demand, holidays and absentees
Accelerate projects and important workstreams

Could flexible resourcing be right for your business …