Office 365 Management and Migrations from Exchange and Sharepoint

Add value to your business through Office 365

We’ve shifted from making things on our own, by ourselves, in our office full of cubicles to collaborating with our teammates and customers, virtually, in real time, on any device, from different locations. This isn’t just within your organization. It’s the way your customers and partners are working, too, as are your competitors. MTG can help you transform and empower businesses by leveraging the power of Microsoft Office 365, seamlessly transitioning without disruption or delays.

Productivity powered by the cloud

Office 365 is a productivity tool apowered by the cloud, installed on local devices so you still have control. Your private information and proprietary assets are not in the public ether for everyone to access. They are secure and you control who sees those files.

Word, Excel, PowerPoint, also available via the web via Office Online.

Office 365 provides a set of services that enables communications, collaboration, data access and storage across your devices:

  • Outlook
  • OneDrive for Business
  • Skype for Business
Office 365

Online or offline, at their desks or on the go, from multiple devices – you can help ensure that your staff and customers get to what they need – when and where they need it.

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Worry less

Office 365 - Security

Office 365 helps you be secure in knowing you’re managing and protecting your company’s devices, data and budget while staying competitive.

Your data will be secure and controlled, by you.
Access to proven and reliable tools
Always be someone to help you – 24/7
Compliance features all in one place to meet regulations in your industry

What value can Office 365 add to your business?

Work easier

From your browser to your desktop to your phone or tablet, Office 365 is your integrated best-in-class productivity tool powered by the cloud.

Familiar experience across all devices
You and your employees can work from anywhere whether or not you have access to Internet
Easily access critical information and docs when you’re out of the office while still ensuring that your data is secure
Worldwide standard of desktop apps with familiar tools you know and love, including Word, PowerPoint and Excel
Office 365 - Flexible Working

Work together

Office 365 - Collaborate

Office 365 has the features to enable cross-group collaboration and access to people, ideas and information – when you and your employees need it most.

Exchange is the business-class e-mail solution that facilitates collaboration across all platforms and devices
Outlook and Skype for Business are integrated so you can add audio/video conferencing to a meeting from all of your favorite devices and present, share and collaborate on documents within the meeting space.
SharePoint is an easy drag and drop intranet for documents and files. Video is an intranet for video and makes it possible to produce, share and search video content.

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