Managed DNS Hosting, DNS Load Balancing and AnyCast DNS

DNS is a critical component of your business

DNS is a critical component of your online business, ensuring services remain available and that your customers are able to connect as quickly as possible. For online businesses, revenue generating or business critical activities such as web applications, support systems, and line of business applications reliant upon DNS – you cannot afford to have your DNS service unavailable or under-performing. The managed DNS service from MTG is fully redundant, using a global Anycast DNS system that is available 24×7 and resilient against DDOS attacks.

What is DNS?

DNS is a feature of the internet that enables web resources to be found by anyone online. It acts like an address book containing the IP addresses of specific web resources. When you type the URL (Universal Resource Locator) of a website into your browser, the browser uses DNS to look up the URL,, for example, to find its corresponding IP address (made up of numbers, dots and dashes, more meaningful to computers) and navitate to the correct site, with no further interaction from you.

The first part of a DNS query is a search of a DNS root server, of which there are 13 around the world, and this provides the location of the authoritive server of the TLD’s (top level domain: .com,, .im etc). That server then locates the authoritative server for the domain which provides the address of the desired domain.

How can MTG help?

MTG’s managed DNS services provide resiliance and security, boosting performance and reliability of your online applications and delivering great user experiences. Our administration platform provide you with detailed data of DNS traffic giving you the flexibility to enhance your DNS performance.

Hacking and distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks are serious threats to your organisation’s online presence. Our DNS solution can maintain business operations
Disaster Recovery
Prepare for DR events by implementing load-balancing and fail-over capabilities for your website, corporate office or other online service.
Active Failover
DNS can be used for automated failover and load-balancing of key internet systems ensuring your website, business or web-based applications to stay up and running.
Enhanced website performance
Accelerating DNS response times with the MTG DNS service, will further improve responsiveness and page load times. Coupled with a DNS service, this can make a dramatic difference to your search rankings.
Powerful zone manager
Powerful DNS zone manager allows you to create and modify your DNS records. Simple to use, yet with advanced features, the DNS editor includes change-control and other enterprise features to enhance your DNS capabilities.
Managed DNS includes QPS reports and change control reports, providing more insight into your site’s incoming traffic.

The MTG DNS Anycast network which has 18 global points of presence (PoPS). Locations include Europe, the US, India, Brazil, Sydney, and Hong Kong, assuring high site availability, low latency and fast response times.

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