IT and Support Assessment

What we do

Our IT and Support Assessment will identify the current state of your existing infrastructure systems, critical issues requiring immediate attention and evaluate your existing systems in relation to your business needs.

We will evaluate the status, effectiveness, reliability and security of the IT systems in your company at a given moment. Our assessment includes a review of your entire computer network, cloud functions, security, backup, disaster recovery, usage and all internal policies.

Downtime is expensive

Management teams need a clear understanding of their IT systems and infrastructure and an accurate picture of the costs related to their business technology needs or an IT failure. They need to understand what impact a breakdown in any one or multiple IT systems could have on their business.

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Advantages of an assessment

An assessment will provide you with the information you need to make necessary changes and upgrade and potentially identify security vulnerabilities. The information provided will enable you to create an effective IT strategy, deciding how much and when you need technology, within your allocated budget.

IT and Support Assessment

No obligation assessment of your IT systems and support.


Microsoft Exchange
SQL Server
Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Microsoft Active Directory
Windows 7/8/10
Windows Server
VMWare / Hyper-V
Office 365
Microsoft Office + Visual Studio

Are your IT systems and support robust enough to protect your business …