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Small Business IT Support

MTG are specialists in the provision of IT and technical support to small businesses. With ServiceCare, MTG take responsibility for all of your systems including desktops, laptops, servers, internet connections and software. MTG become your single point of contact for everything IT and technology related, letting you to focus on running your business and doing what you do best.

The most popular version of ServiceCare for SMB clients is an inclusive service. You pay a fixed monthly fee and that covers you for everything; support calls, site visits, remote access, monitoring software and technical support. We make sure your IT works and if you have any problems, our talented and committed team of engineers and helpdesk staff are there to help.

The service is highly flexible, with add-ons including enhanced security, hosted telephony and off-site backup.

Enterprise IT Support – Outsourced

In an outsourced model, an enterprise chooses to outsource all of its IT, security and network needs to MTG. Our ServiceCare solution ensures every aspect of your technical infrastructure works for your business. We answer all of your helpdesk calls and e-mails. Our NOC team ensure your systems across all of your offices are functioning. The 24×7 nature of our business ensures we can monitor and support your systems round the clock. Enterprise ServiceCare is a fixed monthly fee, with optional enhancements in hours of cover, cyber-security and strategy advisory.

Enterprise IT Support – Partnership

Similar to Enterprise Outsourced, with our Partnership proposition, our team work alongside your additional IT function. We can compliment their skillsets, increase the hours of cover or assist with particular demanding projects.

IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS)

A highly popular service component for our customers is ITaaS. With ITaaS, not only do MTG take responsibility for your IT support and helpdesk, we also provide all the desktops, laptops, printers, servers and software required for your business. The latest hardware and software are available to your staff, frequent updates/patches and the same high levels of support. Consistent with our other offerings, this is for a fixed monthly fee. An excellent solution for an opex model and a highly advanced, modern infrastructure.

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IT Systems Support
MTG provide comprehensive IT systems support and technical advice to our customers by e-mail and telephone. We can support your desktop and server environments, business applications and network infrastructure.
24/7 Monitoring
We can monitor your network, servers, PBX and internet connections 24/7/365. Our team will respond, often before you even know a fault exists, this can include liaising with your suppliers and equipment vendor ensuring a quick fix and recovery.
Remote Access
Over 80% of our faults can be resolved remotely. With permission, we can securely access your workstations, servers or network – promptly diagnosing and resolving faults, often within minutes. This means you can resume your work and not have to wait for a site visit.
Supplier management
We have experience working with ISPs, web hosts, telecoms companies, software developers and hardware vendors – we can manage all of these relationships. Using our extensive industry experience, we can ensure your suppliers and partners are working to suit the needs of your business and that you are getting the best deal, commercially and technically.
Networks and Telecoms
Our services include the management and support of your IT networks, internet connections, PBX and telecoms systems. We can also work with you to ensure you using the full capabilities of your existing systems, making the most of your investment.
Fully Managed Service
With our Fully Managed Service, MTG can take responsibility for all elements of your IT, voice and network. For a fixed monthly fee backed by an SLA that ensures a rapid response.
Pre-Paid IT Support
Some clients opt for Pre-Paid Support Hours that can be used for general IT support or project work. Support can be complimented with an SLA and is a good compromise between ad-hoc and a fully managed service.
Ad-Hoc Support
Ad-hoc Support is available on request. This is charged by the hour and response-times are strictly on a best-effort basis.

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