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How does the firewall management service work?

Firewall Administration

With our firewall management service, our firewall engineers are responsible for the configuration, backups, software patches and firewall rule changes of your firewall solution.  The types of change may include port changes, VPN configuration, bandwidth shaping and remote-access configuration. We also work with more complex modules such as IPS (intrusion prevention systems), web filtering and load balancing.

The expertise within our team enables us to configure custom signatures and security profiles that are tailored for your business – providing unrivalled levels of protection.

Regular Backups

Our management systems automatically monitor firewall policy changes and undertake regular configuration backups of your firewall devices. Alongside our change control process, our backup service ensures you are always in a position to recover or rollback to a given point in time.

Available 24x7x365

The firewall management service is available 24x7x365, allowing you to request changes or seek advice around the clock. This is particularly useful for businesses who value security or where the in-house operations or IT teams only work 9-5.

With our pro-active response, in many cases – our engineers will be responding to events and incidents in the middle of the night, without needing to engage your IT team.

Monitoring Features

Firewalls & Perimeter Monitoring

The MTG security team maintain a constant watch over your internet firewalls and perimeter security solution. Your firewalls will be configured to securely send their logs and events to our monitoring systems which then analyse and look to identify potential attacks, suspicious events and indications of compromise. Example events could include malware, botnets, data loss attempts and anomalous internet traffic.

The monitoring systems integrate with our SIEM platform (Security Incident and Event Monitoring) that undertakes advanced event correlation and threat identification.

Our engineers can assist with the necessary firewall rule enhancements and log configuration to ensure that we have a optimal level of visibility to enable the firewall and perimeter monitoring.

Firewall Log Analysis

The collection and analysis of the firewall logs is a key component of the firewall management service. The ability to detect and identify attacks and security incidents is possible through a combination of log collection, pattern matching and event correlation.

To facilitate compliance, MTG can also offer secure log retention that keeps copies of your firewall logs and events for a set period of time. This is of particular interest to financial services, retail and hospitality clients with specific requirements around log retention.

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Cisco Firewall Management Service
Fortinet Management Service
Firewall rule changes
Our team can manage all changes to your firewall rules, ports and security policy. This is part of a managed change control process.
Firewall backups
MTG will regularly take backups of your firewall configuration for disaster recovery, rollback and compliance purposes.
Threat Detection
Our firewall analysis and SIEM systems are able to pro-active identify threats, anomalies and malware signatures – that may indicate some form of security event within your business.

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