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Datacentre Colocation
Locate your core ICT assets in secure, highly available Isle of Man datacentres. MTG work with a number of datacentres that enables us to provide the optimal solution, that meets the technical requirements and the budget of your business. Colocation platforms can be spread across datacentres to provide the highest levels of uptime and resilience. Shared colocation, dedicated racks and private suites/cages are available.
Dedicated Servers
High performance dedicated hardware for intensive workloads or applications where complete segregation is required. Solutions range from entry-level servers to 64-Core, 1.5Tb RAM and 96TB of internal storage. Servers are available with Microsoft Windows or Linux, can be deployed across one or more Isle of Man datacentres.
Isle of Man Cloud Services
MTG have transitioned a large number of our clients to virtualised and cloud environments. There are several applications the Cloud is particularly suited for; disaster recovery, high availability, online platforms and to fully outsource the IT and infrastructure requirements of our business.
Isle of Man Private Cloud
Private Cloud delivers the flexibility of cloud technology but your solution operates upon its own dedicated hardware and storage. A private cloud platform ensures the highest levels of performance, data isolation and it ensures your business can be regulatory compliant, which is of particular importance in industries such as retail, e-Gaming, financial services and healthcare.
Security Solutions
Our datacentre solutions can be secured with a range of solutions that includes perimeter firewall security, data loss prevention, APT solutions, data classification and security audits.
Remote Monitoring
Your datacentre solution will be monitored 24/7 by MTG or the datacentre partners network management systems.

More Information

How MTG can help your business

MTG implement and support a number of solutions for clients that located within a number of Isle of Man datacentres.
If your business demands the highest levels of uptime; a multi-datacentre strategy coupled with virtualisation technology can deliver that.
We always take a holistic approach to solution design. We take time to understand your business, your existing IT and network environment, and your way of working. This provides the knowledge and insight that will enable us to propose the right solution for your business and explain how the hosted environment can work.
An often misunderstood area of hosted IT environments is the cost element, we can calculate the TCO that will include hosting, licenses and the important internet links that you will need to access the datacentre.
If uptime is a key consideration, we can also develop a platform design that ensures the highest levels of uptime, meaning your business can truly operate 24/7.

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