Backup and Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)


DRaaS (DR as a Service)

Our DRaaS platform uses the latest technology from Veeam, an industry leading backup and replication provider. MTG will regularly backup all of your servers, files and databases, and optionally replicate a copy of this data to a secure datacentre. The service offers an inexpensive yet proven method of ensuring your business meets its DR and BCP obligations, and enables you to recover in the event of a disaster or unexpected even.

Business continuity and DRaaS

The importance of backups

DRaaS is not only there to safeguard against disaster, backups are important in the event of a virus or ransomware infection, user error, data corruption or hardware outage. MTG also regularly integrity check the backups to ensure that, in the event they are needed, the data is present and has maintained its integrity – this provides a level of assured recovery.

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