Advanced Endpoint Protection for business - defend against malware and APTs

Why you need to take action

Growing your business is obviously your number one priority and business applications need to be available from anywhere, 24/7 and from any device. But as technology early adopters (BYOD, Cloud Services, Mobility), SMB’s have to deal with threats associated with agility.

Security has changed

The threat facing all networks continues to increase exponentially.  The combination of the growth of threats with the dramatic increase of the number of devices that can be used to access the network means the job of protecting an enterprise network will continue to be more and more difficult.

Cyber threats

Source: Fortinet

Data breaches

Source: Verizon

So have the risks

The number of high profile data breaches has increased over the past several years but while the headlines grab our attention, particularly the number of identities or credit cards compromised, frequently overlooked is the long term impact to the organization, both from a reputational and financial point of view.

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Complete, flexible, scalable, secured connectivity
Simplified policy and management across wired and wireless
Cloud Management and Managed Services availability


Posture Control
When deployed alongside our UTM and Next Generation Firewall Solutions (NGFW) the Trend solution can be integrated into a framework that utilises posture control. In effect, we can dictate network based on predetermined attributes, such as the presence of Trend and up to date antivirus definitions. If a remote-worker tries to connect without antivirus or outdated software, their access is denied.
Data Protection
Data loss and infection caused by USB or removable devices pose a real risk to your business. Trend enables you to lock down access and control USB device access, and the DLP features of the client can help implement data loss prevention by e-mail.
Multi-Site Solutions
The protection suite can be deployed across all your corporate sites, including mobile and home workers. The flexible web management portal means all endpoints can be managed from a single location.

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