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New starters for MTG

Manx Technology Group (MTG) is pleased to announce the continued expansion of its software team with a number of new hires. The MTG software teams are actively engaged on projects for customers located throughout the UK, Europe, Singapore and the US – which has served as the catalyst for recent growth. MTG delivers software and data solutions across several markets, but experienced particular demand in areas such as e-Gaming, virtual sports, financial services and IoT. 

Kristan McDonald, Managing Director of MTG Software commented:

Thanks to our growing reputation for being able to deliver full service technology solutions, more and more companies are entrusting the development and maintenance of their mission critical systems to our software division to help improve reliability, add functionality and to break through development barriers, releasing our customers to focus on their core business activities whilst allowing us to solve their technology challenges.

Joe Hughes, CEO of MTG added:

The successes that we are seeing in software are testament to the talent and capabilities of our teams, and I am delighted to welcome our newest members. Our growth into new markets, particularly Europe and Asia, is part of the wider company strategy to grow our business into new markets and industry segments. Over 65% of our recent growth emanates outside of the Isle of Man, with solutions delivered throughout Europe and Asia.

Andrew Martin

Andrew Martin

Andrew Martin joins MTG Software following a career in animation and digital design. His career as an artist and animator began at the Isle of Man College before moving into the private sector. His experience included working on projects such as a series of advertisements for British Gas, broadcast on National TV in the early 2000’s. Andrew’s creative talent provides a valuable resource within the MTG Software team and his skills are utilised on a wide range of client projects.

“I am extremely pleased to have joined the creative and innovative software team at MTG. I love bringing my character designs to life and my biggest inspiration is Ray Harryhausen.”

As well as spending his free time walking his dog on the Isle of Man’s beaches, Andrew is an avid supporter of Everton football club … well we can’t all be perfect!

Lukas Widomski

Lukas WidomskiLukas Widomski has joined the MTG Software team as a Game Developer. Lukas, who originates from Czech Republic, has a BSc in Digital Art and Technology (Game Design) and MSc in Computer Games Technology.

“I enjoy the thrill of creating something new, interactive and engaging. Games are one of the oldest forms of entertainment because they provide excitement into our pre-planned lives. What we seek from playing games, I find in programming them.”

Lukas finds inspiration in music, sic-fi genres and minimalism and in his spare time is extremely active taking full advantage of the Islands outdoor environment (regardless of the weather) as well as regular crossfit training.

Andrew Stephen

Andrew joins MTG Software from the Group’s technical services division. Andrew has a BSc in Computer Science and has joined the MTG Software team as a Software Developer. Andrew is now working on a variety of software projects, producing applications for clients using several different types of programming languages.

“I enjoy the challenge of solving problems for customers and automating processes – making their jobs quicker and easier. This removes the need to undertake tedious or repetitive work.”

When not at work, Andrew plays a variety of sports, including wheelchair basketball and he enjoys the creative satisfaction of woodworking.

Thomas Wilson

Having achieved a First Class degree in Computer Science Tom joins MTG Software as part of the Software Development Team.

“Developing systems gives me the freedom to create something in my own way, which is extremely satisfying. MTG enables me to continue to develop my skills in software development and provides the opportunity to work with new software.”

In his free time Tom enjoys playing PC or Xbox games. Although one of our youngest members of staff Tom prefers classic/nostalgic iterations of games or films – even computer equipment.




If you are interested in a career in Software Development and think you have the skills to join our team please contact us.

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