Many businesses will continue to run Windows 2003 - not recommended!

In February 2015, Bit9 + Carbon Black surveyed over 500 enterprises to try and understand their plans for the upcoming Windows Server 2003 EOL deadline. The survey found many faced serious challenges trying to migrate key applications and that as many as 2.7 million servers would continue to run unsupported.

MTG have been working tirelessly with many businesses to migrate their systems to Windows 2012. This is often not a straight forward process; legacy applications, Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server and various other line of business applications are present or rely upon the Windows 2003 servers. The EOL date is not a surprise, but it does place many businesses under immense pressure.

The summarised findings include:

  • Roughly 1 in 3 enterprises plan to run WS2K3 after the July 14 deadline, leaving an estimated 2.7 million servers unprotected
  • More than half of enterprises did not know when Microsoft was ending support
  • 14 percent of enterprises do not yet have an upgrade plan for WS2K3


The findings are staggering, if not concerning. If your business is facing similar challenges or is worried about the looming EOL date – speak to MTG. We are working with numerous businesses in the Isle of Man and UK who are eager to migrate their core systems to a more recent, supported platform.